Eziway Payroll
EziCare® offers an end-to-end Client Management System catering to the diverse needs of the NDIS provider. Bring all the necessary functions of care management, rostering, billing, and compliance into the one system. Everything happens within EziCare.
Why choose the EziCare solution? 
Innovative modules in our cloud-based technology
  • Client Management System
  • Rostering
  • Mobile App Technology
  • Time & Attendance
  • Integrated Billing
  • Personnel Files
  • Support Coordination
  • NDIS Compliance Module

Our System. Your Solution.

  • Create detailed Client records.
  • Assign skills and accreditation to Support Worker records.
  • Match Client needs to Support Workers skills.
  • Build accurate rosters and make changes quickly.
  • Automated activity payment billing rules.
  • Supports the four main types of billing.
  • Support Workers log on and off shifts via an app.
  • App tracks mileage for accurate allowance calculations NDIS compliant.

Care support in an App?

Support Workers will view rosters, log shift Start and End and client attendance to inform billing.
They will review a client’s notes, medication, support network, progress and documents. Request leave and track mileage for allowances.
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Make your move...

We strive to add value to your organisation by ensuring the transition experience is both seamless and transparent.



EziForms® is a dynamic forms builder that gives your organisation the ability to design web-based forms for your employees.
From incident reports to employee surveys, forms can be viewed, completed and submitted via a web browser or the EziCare® app.
EziForms® seamlessly integrates with EziCare®, making it easier than ever to communicate with your employees.