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Eziway Care Manager (EziCare) is one of five specialist business units that makes up the Eziway Group. As the newest business in the Group, EziCare is the result of continued innovation and customer driven ideas, which are both hallmarks of the Eziway Group. EziCare is a response to an industry need, an industry the Eziway Group have specifically serviced for over a decade.
EziCare uses an industry leading system that promises a flexible and powerful care management experience that works closely with the

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

to ensure everything is compliant and reported on.
Eziway Care Manager is committed to making our service easy, streamlined, flexible and compliant to ensure all our clients receive the service they require. All EziCare customers get the best in service, a service that is unique to the Eziway Group.

What is Eziway Care Manager?

EziCare is a purpose built, NDIS compliant, client management system. Together with

Disability Service Providers

, we created EziCare to meet the various challenges faced by different service providers across Australia.
EziCare seamlessly integrates into our Eziway Payroll module, it simplifies and streamlines critical rostering and time and attendance tracking operations for

Disability Service Providers in Australia

with these key features:

Participant Management

The core information about a participant’s support offered by the NDIS can all be found in the one place as well as a comprehensive profile to be able to tailor the support delivery for each participant without hassle.


Flexible and comprehensive rostering layers to be able to efficiently manage, schedule, and respond to gaps for both your workforce as well as your participants.

Travel and Billing Management

Accurate travel and billing records to track claims made to the NDIS and ensure all participants are billed according to the NDIS pricing schedules.

Mobile Technology

Designed to assist your mobile workforce to effectively deliver services to participants without the trouble of updating and maintaining paper records.

Developed solely for the Disability Services Industry


Intelligence aggregators for the disability sector

Since late 2015, Eziway has collaborated with highly respected Service Providers to gather the intelligence required to deliver an efficient and holistic service application. The NDIS program has quite a number of complex requirements including a mobile cloud-based client management system which integrates with workforce management, rostering, accurate Awards interpretation and extensive NDIA reporting standards. Service Provider partnerships with Pinnacle Inc, GIFSA, IDSS, within Australia and Windarring and others have proven to be a valuable source of intelligence.

Platform architects for niche industries

Eziway Software Development has a long history of proven collaboration partnerships leading to the successful deployment of platforms designed for niche industries. Since the inception of Eziway in late 2006, we have worked within the not-for-profit sector to provide innovative software solutions. These solutions include the administration of employee benefits programs, rostering, payroll and HRIS as well as the industry leading EziCare, purpose built for

NDIS Service Providers


Agile and responsive solution providers

Eziway’s business agility allows us to deliver a customer service centric approach. This is also the real key to providing value and delivering quality solutions to our customers quickly. Our agility guarantees rapid response times to internal and external environments thereby meeting customer demands without losing momentum and vision.

Built for a purpose – NDIS


Workforce Management


Payments Management


Participant Management


Program Management

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