Transitioning to Eziway

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At Eziway, we recognise that often the most daunting consideration for an employer is transitioning from one payroll system to another.  

Eziway’s ambition is to ensure that every step taken during the transition process is as simple as it can be. The whole experience needs to be seamless, transparent, and easy to implement, ensuring that valuable time is not needlessly consumed. 

To accomplish these objectives, Eziway has taken advantage of advanced cloud-based technology and developed a dedicated ‘Implementation Portal’.  

The portal provides the following tangible benefits, 

  • The employer remains in complete control during transition 

  • Ensures simplicity throughout the entire process 

  • Provides absolute transparency 

  • Assists to streamline internal payroll processes 

  • Significantly reduces time spent by transition stakeholders 


How does the Implementation Portal accomplish these objectives? 


  • Built in transition plan 

  • Simple to use data transfer 

  • Stakeholders control system parameters (e.g., Awards, EBA’s etc) 

  • 24/7 access to Implementation Portal 

  • Go live check list for all relevant information 

  • Parallel testing with historical ‘pay runs’ to ensure accuracy 

  • Calendar of future activity and training 

  • Initiate communication with all employees providing access to the mobile app 

All resulting in an expediated seamless process while transitioning to Eziway Payroll.  

If you have more questions about the transition process from your current provider to  Eziway, contact our team on 1800 932 394 to talk to one of our dedicated consultants who’ll be able to further assist you.

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