Q: Is Eziway Payroll STP compliant?

A: Yes, absolutely! All of Eziway’s payroll software is compliant from day one so you can be sure you’ll always stay in the ATO’s good books with Single Touch Payroll (STP).

Q: Does Eziway complete the payroll process for us?

A: No. The Eziway Payroll service is only available via software licensing.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum number of employees for us to license Eziway Payroll?

A: No. Organisations of any size can enquire to license Eziway Payroll software.

Q: Does Eziway set up the system for us to use or do we need to?

A: Eziway’s transition team is dedicated to setting up your organisation from the signing of your contract to service ‘Go Live’. We ensure that your pay rules, allowances, deductions and leave types are set up for correct payroll processing, all you need to do is populate the import files for employee data to go into the Eziway system.

Q: Does Eziway support organisations with employees in different locations?

A: Yes. We can set up multiple locations and under multiple companies (if required).

Q: Does Eziway support employees with multiple positions?

A: Yes. We can set up employees with multiple positions under multiple Awards/EBA’s.

Q: What size companies do you work with?

A: We work with small to medium sized businesses. Our smallest customer has 5 employees and our largest customer has over 200 employees.

Q: Is my business suited to use Eziway Payroll?

A: Eziway Payroll is designed to help small and medium sized Australian businesses. We recommend speaking to one of our team so we can understand your needs better.

Q: What pay schedules are available?

A: Weekly, fortnightly and monthly to align with the ATO tax tables.

Q: Can you align with our current pay schedules?

A: Yes, absolutely! We set up the pay cycles to match your current arrangement so that your employees are not affected by the change.

Q: What are my options for paying Superannuation?

A: You will have the ability to report via your current Superannuation clearing house.

Q: Can Eziway Payroll cater for employees’ salary sacrifice arrangements?

A: Yes, absolutely!

Q: Does Eziway Payroll have Employee Self Service and Leave Management?

A: Yes. Eziway Payroll provides employees with Self Service and Leave Management access through their Employee Dashboard. The Employee Dashboard allows employees to access their information including payslips, leave and employment documents. Leave Management has also been built to integrate with your payroll, making the process automated and easy. We replace the paper based processes so you never lose a payslip, payment summary or leave request again. Contact us for more information.

Q: Do you have a full suite of compliant reports?

A: Yes. Eziway Payroll has a range of reports that can be used for compliance, with the ability to customise reports if required (at cost).

Q: Can Eziway Payroll handle shift workers and the extra allowances they receive?

A: Yes. The Award Interpreter applies allowances based on the Industrial Instrument that is in place.

Q: Do you have SuperStream compliant reports?

A: Yes. The report that is prepared as part of the superannuation process is SuperStream compliant. SuperStream compliance reporting is no longer required with STP, but our contribution report will remain compliant.

Q: Is Payroll integrated with a superannuation clearing house?

A: Yes. Our contribution reports are generated in .csv V2 or the Alternative File Format (SAFF) and can be uploaded to all Clearing Houses.

Q: Can Eziway do advances on wages?

A: Yes. The employer can advance wages to an employee and then enter a deduction to recover the advanced amounts in a subsequent payrun.

Q. Do I need to send the TFN Declaration to the Australian Tax Office?

A: No. Eziway Payroll transmits TFN declaration information to the ATO electronically so you don’t need to complete the employer section of the declaration, or send it to the ATO. File it in your personnel files available on the system.

Q. What is Award Interpretation?

A: Award Interpretation is the process of calculating the right amount of pay for hours worked during a specific time period. It also helps work out the different penalty rates and entitlements for a particular worker including meal allowances, laundry allowances and deductions (such as social clubs). Eziway Payroll’s built-in Award Interpreter sets up and updates these for you, saving you time and resources.

Q: What is the Modern Award?

A: The Modern Award sets out the minimum terms and conditions of employment that a business must comply with. The modern award provides breakdown of entitlements including; pay, hours of work, rosters, breaks, allowances, penalty rates and overtime. In Australia, there are 122 Modern Awards. Businesses can have multiple awards to comply with, depending on the type of roles within their business. The Modern Award is also open to change. You can learn more about Modern Awards via the FairWork website. Not all employers use Modern Awards and their EBA’s are standalone and do not reference minimum conditions. These minimum conditions are contained within the NES.

Q: Do I need to add my employees into the system one by one?

A: No. Eziway Payroll saves you time with bulk upload capability with one csv import.

Q: Can you withhold additional tax or super from an employee's pay?

A: Yes. This is possible using Eziway Payroll.

Q: If I make a mistake in processing a pay run, can I go back and change it?

A: Yes. You can amend any mistakes, even if the bank file has been created, the payrun (excluding an off cycle) can be reversed and changes made before re-committing.

Q: Is there a mobile app that my employees can use?

A: Yes. The Eziway Payroll app is available for all employees and is free to download on Android and iOS.

Q: What can you do on the Eziway Payroll app?

A: Your employees are able to start/end shifts, record attendance, apply for leave, view payslips, view documents and view their profile details.

Q: Does Eziway Payroll provide training to my employees on how to use the system?

A: Yes. Eziway Payroll has Transition and Training Managers that delivers face to face or online training to your employees, supervisors, managers and payroll teams. We also provide user guides and videos to help you navigate the different levels of management (each level has a different Dashboard).

Q: Can I nominate another manager when I am on leave?

A: Yes. You can nominate another supervisor who can perform tasks on your behalf and an audit trail will be noted in the system.

Q: Because we license the product, do we have any access to customer support?

A: Yes. You can contact our friendly customer service team on 03 8768 5777 during AEST Business Hours.