Client Management System Features

Client Management System
Participant Management

Enjoy ease of use while handling complex tasks! Capture all essential participant data within the one system. All participant information is structured in a simple and logical way with ready access from anywhere in the system....

  • Fast and easy access to important participant details from anywhere in the EziCare system  

  • Customisable field names to best suit your organisation   

  • Record client consent 

  • Indicate preferred and blocked support workers for rostering   

  • Capture service booking/funding dates and amounts for NDIS and other programs, including DHHS, DSS, and fee for service   

  • Access a personalised view of the roster specific to each participant’s activities, with full edit, print and export capability 

  • Ability to export relevant participant information 

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Save time with integrated rostering! With EziCare there is no need to slave over spreadsheet-based rosters.

At no extra cost to you, this in-built feature is designed to save you time by seamlessly automating key employee data to generate work schedules.

Streamline workforce management processes while containing overall costs.

  • Activities rostered at any date past or future   

  • See employee rostered hours versus contracted hours for each pay period  

  • Copy master (routine) rosters into the future 

  • Bulk-modify activity timing, participants & support workers when changes are needed  

  • Rank support workers by participant preference, professional suitability, and availability when rostering   

  • View employee availability preferences on the roster 

  • Support workers can view their personal rosters using a web browser or Mobile App 

  • Send invitations to support workers to fill roster gaps  

  • Roster participants with unique and multiple funding sources per activity 

  • Charge a fraction/ratio of the activity duration to each participant 

  • Look-up participant’s contact details from the roster 

  • Customise the display of the rosters according to your preference and save as default 

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Mobile App Technology
Mobile App Technology

Advanced mobility and unrivalled visibility. The app is a custom, all-in-one solution that unites your client services and rostering processes. All the relevant information for coordinators and employee is accessible via the app.... A truly paperless system that adds efficiency while ensuring accuracy.

  • Employee view of rostered sessions and full description of scheduled activity 

  • Portable start and end shift logging 

  • Travel time and distance 

  • Participant attendance and signature 

  • View personal details 

  • Leave requests* 

Full participant support details can be viewed in app including: 

  • Case notes 

  • Goals and progress 

  • Documents 

  • Medication records 

  • Contact details 

  • A participant’s wider support network including family emergency contacts, advocates, and allied health professionals 

*When used with the EziPay add on 

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Personnel Files
Personnel Files

Now there is no need to second guess! EziCare captures all relevant information for support staff. From the documents supporting qualifications to the establishing of predefined skill sets for each individual employee.... Built-in functions maintain accuracy and ensure qualified employees are used for each activity.

  • Employee document repository (e.g., driver licence, professional certificates, probity checks)  

  • Assign skillsets to each employee 

  • Build professional requirements for each activity 

  • Single-click process to recommend the most suitable support worker for any given activity 

  • Reports and reminders for documentation expiry dates 

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Time and Attendance
Time and Attendance

Fast, simple, and accurate. From the one-click functionality within the Mobile App, to the ease-of-use timesheet verification. All designed to feed into automated client billing, resulting in a seamless, time free process....

  • Employee access via Mobile App - capturing actual start and finish times along with location 

  • Verifiable travel time and distance  

  • Timesheets are fully electronic - no waiting overnight for updates to occur 

  • Timesheets are available 24/7 through our cloud-based platform 

  • Coordinators have access to verify timesheets and edit relevant functionality

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Total flexibility! Staff that require access to a desktop version of EziCare can customise their dashboard to meet their personal requirements...

  • Totally customisable 

  • Quick links to prioritise what you use regularly 

  • Create your own menu hierarchy 

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NDIS Compliance Module
NDIS Compliance 

Accuracy results in total compliance. Registered NDIS providers are familiar with the stringent auditing process implemented by the NDIS Quality and Safeguard Commission. EziCare has built-in rules to ensure compliance.... Come audit time, all the necessary reports and information are readily available, resulting in a smooth auditing experience

  • Predefined NDIS rules are built within the system  

  • Ongoing day-to-day activity is logged and recorded 

  • Requisite reports are built into the system to provide evidence, meet NDIS audit requirements 

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Integrated Billing
Integrated Billing

A Simple streamlined process, all within the one system. Immediately apply rules from approved rosters to automatically generate billing and invoices. Integrate data with a simple to use file transfer to your selected accounting package....

  • Supports NDIA-managed, self-managed, nominee-managed and plan managed billing  

  • Intelligently invoices activity fees to the correct individual or organisation by comparing each participant’s roster and service bookings 

  • Intelligent processing of invoices according to recipient 

  • Save time with bulk processing functionality 

  • Easily exported to MYOB and Xero for invoicing 

  • Upload to your MyPlace NDIA Provider Portal via an easy-to-use file export  

  • Record additional billing independent of the roster 

  • Configure automated billing rules 


Use another accounting package? Speak to our consultant about integration. 

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Support Coordination
Support Coordination

Complex business models made easy. Effectively manage a conflict of interest when providing both support coordination and support delivery. 
EziCare puts a virtual wall between each group within the one organisation....

  • Participants notes and documents can be hidden from each entity 

  • Independent rostering ensuring probity 

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